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Name: Bloons Player Pack 3
Description: The third pack of 50 user created levels picked from 1.3 million submitted to

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 2232

Name: Bloons Player Pack 2
Description: Ninjakiwis favourite picks from the half-million+ user submitted levels on

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 2323

Name: More Bloons
Description: 50 more new levels for the original Ninja Kiwi Bloons game.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 2296

Name: Bloons
Description: Fun new ninja kiwi game. Pop as many bloons as possible with the darts you are given each level.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 3210

Name: Shift 3
Description: You asked for it, you got it. SHIFT 3 is here, and it's unlike any Shifting experience you've had before. A massive Adventure mode takes you to the roots of the SHIFT experiment, tonnes of achievements to earn and even an unlockable Celebrity secret character! And if that isn't your cup of tea, theres a selection of 18 Classic style levels from Shift players around the globe to battle your way through, and highscore boards all around! Have fun, this is SHIFT 3, and I made it just for you.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 4081

Name: Windosill
Description: Guide a toy truck through a series of interactive landscapes, full of strange creatures and surreal details. Play the first five levels for free!

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 2739

Name: Knightfall 2
Description: Knight is back once again in Knightfall 2! Help him to conquer an ancient evil in this epic puzzle RPG, set in a whole new world of monsters, treasure and adventure! Since defeating the devil, and getting the girl, things have become a little overdomesticated for our hero. Now that an annoyed Princess is forcing him out of retirement, an even worse threat is looming on the horizon, and you must help him ride out to confront it! With a hugely expanded world to explore, a new cast of nasties to slay, a rejigged magic system, more items than ever to pick up and exploit, Knightfall 2 is an epic undertaking... In this fantasy puzzle-RPG, you must guide Knight around the board through a combination of destroying block groups and rotating the entire play area! You can lead him into battle against foul creatures, grab treasure, cast magic, and make a speedy escape with your spoils! Embark on a daring adventure and drill your way across the kingdom! Because your wife made you do it.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 3094

Name: Knightfall
Description: Through 5 scenarios, the Knight seeks his stolen love, imprisoned by the Devil himself. Showcasing a new spin (literally) on the puzzle RPG genre, you must guide your Knight to each level's exit by drilling away the blocks he stands on, and letting gravity take effect! By rotating the entire game board, you can guide him anywhere you wish; into confrontations with the monsters that dwell in the dungeons, or to greedily grab the treasures that litter the game - be careful not to run out of stamina, though! Collect enough currency, and you can buy potions, spells, armour and other trinkets from a shop staffed by a helpful fairy. 3 skill levels cater for absolute beginners, right up to the most hardened strategy fan, 2 different game modes provide essential replayability and a host of achievements await the completist!

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 2537

Name: Pandas Big Adventure
Description: On a secret mission Panda discovers a time traveling 'portaloo' machine. Our hero decides to go for a ride but things go horribly wrong as parts of the machine are scattered across time. Travel back as far as the Prehistoric ages to help Panda return home safely.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 3744

Name: Tower Blocks
Description: Click to release blocks and construct a tower that is as tall as possible. You lose when 3 or more blocks are missed.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 2765

Name: :the game:
Description: 'the game' is a representation, a satire, of the world we know, love, and cherish today. If 'the game' is the most downright bizarre thing you've ever seen, I've done my job.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 4369

Name: ef the game
Description: Eat, grow, discover new worlds and creatures... Follow the white arrows to find new locations

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 5136

Name: Ninja+
Description: Swing around like you own the town in this fast paced platformer, that will leave you addicted. Build levels with ease and speed, and play predefined levels! Save levels you build for people around the world to play and rate it! Play levels created by others, and compete for the fastest time on every level submitted, and the pre-defined levels! Use a combination of Ninja Rope skill and Kunai throwing to collect all of the coins as fast as possible. Create your own strategies to beat out everybody else! Master the secrets of the Ninja Rope and you will be a pro! Become famous in the world of Ninja+!

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 15421

Name: Ninja+2
Description: Ninja+ 2 is finally here guys! Throw Kunai's into the heads of enemy samurai's to one hit kill them! And then build and share your own custom levels with friends!

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 17225

Name: Splitty II
Description: Help little Splitties gather the Sacred Fire and save the universe from the Evil Grenades. Discover balance between black and white with new possibilities.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 5662

Name: Ice Breaker
Description: Help the frozen vikings get back to their longboat by slicing through the ice!

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 10389

Name: Kingdoms: Nobility
Description: A highly immersive online city builder strategy game. Construct and manage your city as you aid in it's development. Watch as your townspeople work around your town, chopping wood, farming, putting out fires and much more! Play in free play mode or play the five part campaign!

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 5440

Name: Kingdoms at War : Conquest!
Description: Enter a world of castles, armies and magic and rule over your new kingdom. Build your army, conquer new lands, form alliances, collect rare artifacts and become the most powerful kingdom in all the land!

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 7848

Name: Coma
Description: Help Pete find his way through a mysterious subconscious world.

Category: Adventure
Number of Times Played: 4902

Bloons Player
2232 plays
Rating 5 / 5

Bloons Player
2323 plays
Rating 5 / 5

More Bloons
2296 plays
Rating 2 / 5

3210 plays
Rating 5 / 5

Shift 3
4081 plays
Rating 4 / 5

2739 plays
Rating 5 / 5

Knightfall 2
3094 plays
Rating 3.33333333333 / 5

2537 plays
Rating 1 / 5

Pandas Big Adv
3744 plays
Rating 4.25 / 5

Tower Blocks
2765 plays
Rating 4.4 / 5

:the game:
4369 plays
Rating 4.16666666667 / 5

ef the game
5136 plays
Rating 4.71428571429 / 5

15421 plays
Rating 4.14634146341 / 5

17225 plays
Rating 4.62711864407 / 5

Splitty II
5662 plays
Rating 4.33333333333 / 5

Ice Breaker
10389 plays
Rating 4.42857142857 / 5

Kingdoms: Nobi
5440 plays
Rating 4.28571428571 / 5

Kingdoms at Wa
7848 plays
Rating 4.27586206897 / 5

4902 plays
Rating 3.71428571429 / 5

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